TRE Glastonbury is a team of two people, Kay Dayton a certified TRE provider and Laurence Mcleod who is training to be a provider.

Kay is based in Glastonbury and offers individual sessions, sessions for couples and small group sessions for up to 4 people.
Laurence is based in London and is currently training with TRE College and Steve Haines.
Together we offer a monthly introduction workshop to TRE, designed for a small group of up to 4 people.

We are committed to practising TRE as a therapeutic and healing process in our own lives and enjoy sharing and teaching it to others. We each have our own therapy practices where we offer a range of therapies and practices to help people recover, heal and grow. We are particularly focused in helping people in the following areas:

 Trauma   Stress   Anxiety   Burnout   Addiction   Relationship


We are also committed to our professional development and are actively engaged in increasing our skills and knowledge, particularly related to the brain, the nervous system and non-violent communication. Pease read on to find out more about us:


Kay Dayton


When I discovered TRE, my intention was to learn the process so that I could establish my own self- practice. After practising a few times I was so impressed with the benefits that I felt in both mind and body, that I decided train to be a TRE provider. I have trained with both TRE Scotland and TRE College, where the main trainer is Steve Haines.
I have an eclectic working background, having worked in the fields of the Arts, Youth Work, Holistic Therapy and Hospitality. I also have had a varied education and training where I have gained the following qualifications.

TRE Provider Certification/ TRE College London.
City & Guilds certificate in Teaching Adult Learners
IIHHT Diploma in Body Massage/ Strode College
Esoteric Soul Healing, Professional Healer Certification/ Isle of Avalon Foundation
BA (hons) Visual Performance & Arts Management / Dartington College of Arts.

Perhaps the most important training for me, in my life, has been my commitment to self healing and researching and exploring various therapeutic methods and tools. I can honestly say that TRE has been key for me in releasing the chronic held tension patterns in my body related to developmental trauma.

As a result I feel ever more grounded in my body and I am able to enjoy living in the present moment, allowing life to unfold naturally without the need to control it from a space of fear and protection. I offer individual sessions, group shakes and monthly workshops in a beautiful studio space in Glastonbury, five minutes from the town centre.
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Laurence McLeod


I first studied Counselling and Hypnotherapy and while I greatly appreciated benefits of both of those approaches and still use both in my current therapeutic practise, when I discovered the work of Peter Levine (In an Unspoken Voice, 2010) I discovered a whole new perspective on how the body holds experience of the past, how to tune into what I was experiencing in the body in the present and began to learn that what is held and experienced can also be released.
As this journey into rediscovering my body unfolded I discovered TRE and, living in Scotland at that time began to train as a TRE provider

The journey since then has been surprising. During the 3 day TRE workshop I did notice some significant change and originally I chose to continue and do the full training because I felt this was a way of ensuring that I continue practising and deepening my understanding. I feel this was one of the better decisions in my life because it has indeed been life changing and over time I have been able to be in and experience my body in a way I was simply unable to do before and as time goes by the consequences of this deepening process result in changes in the way I experience myself, everything around me and my ability to access and realise my potential. The TRE training has taken a lot longer than I thought, partly because it is demanding in ways I hadn't anticipated but also because through the practise of TRE I have processed more and more trauma and this has resulted in making a lot of changes in my life.

The biggest change during this time has been to step into being a therapist and as well as continuing my training in TRE I have completed all phases of training in Brainspotting and also completed the basic training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.
I also completed an 18 month training in Tantra with Jan Day.

Certificate in Counselling/ Strode College
Diploma in Hypnotherapy/ LCCH
Phase One/Two and Three Brainspotting
Living Tantra Training / Jan Day.
Foundation training in Emotionally Focused Relationship Therapy